Embrace the Fall Season: New and Old Favorites

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Make use of your crock pot:

1) chicken breasts covered with your favorite salsa

2) pork loin with dry onion soup mix and water; add carrots, onions, potatoes

3) pork roast with green chile

4) oup- vegetables and beans, turkey and vegetable are options

5) chili- try meatless using a variety of beans or textured vegetable protein; use lean meat such as chicken breast or ground turkey breast meat.

Try a baked apple instead of apple pie:

Cut up your favorite apple into chunks. Add apple spice or cinnamon. Cook in microwave for 2-3 min. Add favorite sweetner if needed.

How about a pumpkin for Halloween?

Bake a pumpkin with no crust and use low fat milk and egg beaters.

Other Ideas:

1) Remember decaf coffee and teas count as water. Limit the cream and sugars.

2) With cooler temperatures ahead, start planning your exercise routine and changes you need to make such as snow hikes/walks, indoor pool or tennis, gym classes, skiing including cross-country.

– Susan Ellis, R.D.

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