HCG Scam

Posted: Jan 13 in Medical Weight Loss News, Weight Management Strategies by

In an alarming trend, we are seeing more and more people drawn in by the promise of weight loss with the “HCG Diet.” Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone normally secreted by the placenta during pregnancy. First popularized by Dr. Simeons in 1954, multiple clinical trials to assess HCG’s effectiveness were later performed and conclusively demonstrated that HCG is not only ineffective, but that “…the use of HCG should be regarded as an inappropriate therapy for weight reduction.” The authors further suggested “restraints on physicians practicing this therapy can be based on our findings.”

The American Society of Bariatric Physicians has issued the following policy statement regarding HCG use:

1. The Simeons method for weight loss is NOT recommended.

2. The Simeons diet is NOT recommended.

3. The use of HCG for weight loss is NOT recommended.

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