Liz’s Fall Tips:

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1) Get plans in place now to keep up with exercise through the seasonal climate and time changes ahead. If exercising outdoors, make sure you have appropriate layered clothing, footwear, gloves and headgear for colder, wetter weather. Have an indoor back-up plan if necessary such as: home fitness equipment, exercise DVD’s, hand weights or resistance bands, fitness programs, etc. or access to a gym, health club, mall for walking or rec. center.
2) Choose fish for a quick dinner meal. In addition to the health benefits, fish provides a convenient, time-saving dinner option for busy nights. Keep a bag of frozen white fish on hand (such as halibut, orange roughy, mahi mahi, etc.), season and microwave in a covered dish according to package directions, usually 2-4 minutes. For a creamy consistency, before cooking, spread fish with nonfat plain yogurt, then season with:
– cilantro and lime juice, light garlic salt and pepper
– a spoonful of salsa
– light sprinkle of dry ranch dressing mix or dry pesto sauce mix
– any other combination of herbs and seasoning

-Liz Hurst, R.D.

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