Not wanting to be active? Imagine being unable to be active

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I have been working with more and more patients at CNC who have lost the ability to be active. Knee arthritis / knee replacement / hip replacement. Lousy ankle. Too short of breath. Heart disease and chest pain. Emphysema. Diabetes. Too heavy. The list goes on and on.
But there is one common denominator – every person I work with says the same thing. “If I had only known then the cost of being sedentary, I would never have let this happen.”
If you’re not feeling like being active, imagine losing the ability to be active. Imagine being forced to be seated all day. Imagine not being able to go for a bike ride, not being allowed in the swimming pool, or not being able to go for a hike. Imagine not being able to travel, not being able to swim in the ocean or walk on the beach. Imagine not being able to go sight seeing in Italy.
I know this sounds far-fetched and improbable, but please believe me – if we choose to be inactive, we will eventually be unable to be active.
There’s a nursing home waiting for each of us. Let’s not be in a hurry to land there. Get up and do the things you enjoy! Before it’s too late… Plan a vacation! Take a yoga class. Go for a swim. Take a weekend in the beautiful Colorado mountains. Walk around the mall. Take the kids to the playground. Get the bicycle out on one of our beautiful mornings and ride around the neighborhood. Make the activity the BEST part of every day, not the part you dread.

-Dr. Lazarus

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