Our New Advanced Program

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For many years, CNC has offered individualized Exchange Programs and Fasting Programs. But for many, the Exchange seems too difficult, the fasting programs too restrictive.
We are very excited about our new Advanced Program, and it is quickly becoming our most popular meal plan. While similar to the Fasting Programs in that the Advanced Program emphasizes getting the right amount of protein, we also work in a fruit, a dairy, and non-starchy vegetables. This allows us to get the calories very low by still being very low in carbohydrate and fat, but does not put people into ketosis.
So, what does this mean? The structure of the Advanced plan is just as easy to follow as the Fasting Programs but it is not as restrictive. Because you are not in ketosis, if you eat a little extra carbohydrate, you don’t have to worry about being pulled out of ketosis. Our patients are experiencing very good weight loss and really enjoy this style of eating. Also, potassium supplementation and blood testing are generally not necessary. The Advanced Program is flexible enough to be used for any pace of weight loss and also for weight loss maintenance.
If you want to start the New Year with a healthy meal plan that is effective for losing weight and keeping it off, this is worth a look. Call our staff at 303-750-9454 if you’d like more information.

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