Traveling by car this Spring

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It’s time for spring break and many of us will be traveling by car. This can be very challenging when trying to watch your food intake. With good planning you can stay in control of your food plan. However, it does require some pre-planning. So, remember the following:

  • Bring your food journals with you and record your intake.
  • Pack a cooler. Put water bottles in a cooler along with proteins like hard boiled eggs, beef/turkey jerky, turkey pepperoni, string cheese, protein bars, protein drinks, raw veggies (celery/carrots), sugar free jello, sugar free yogurt and fresh fruit.
  • Pack pre-portioned nuts in individual serving bags for portion control.
  • Make some lettuce wraps with lean meats and mustard.
  • Keep your regular eating schedule. Maintain your eating routine throughout your drive and remember to eat something healthy every three to four hours to stay ahead of your hunger. This will help to ensure you aren’t hungry along the way and tempted to stop for “fast foods.”
  • When eating out remember to order lean protein foods and vegetables. Order plain meats and fish without sauces, butter, mayo etc. Have a salad as a main entree and use the fork trick for dressings (don’t put dressing on salad – keep it separate, dip tines of fork in dressing with bites).

Traveling by car can be challenging, but if you follow these steps you will be more likely to choose healthy options along the way.

-Lisa Ininns, RD

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