Tweeting for weight loss

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Are you tweeting?

Long averse to trying out twitter, I have recently become a big fan. Twitter makes it easy to send short messages to people that are interested. From a weight control perspective, this is actually very important. Often, individuals on a maintenance program slowly forget about all the good habits they worked so hard to start, and weight regain can result.

Twitter provides a great tool to prevent this. Daily news updates, weight control tips, recipe ideas and more can keep us away from the mindless eating that caused the weight regain in the first place.

Clinical Nutrition Center began our twitter feed this year and are receiving great feedback. We post updates from our blog, and Dr. Lazarus re-tweets important medical and weight-related news items. We may even periodically tweet coupon codes for our web store good for that day only to help motivate people to keep up with the latest news.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the twitter icon at the bottom of this page, or you can link directly to our twitter page here.

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