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Did you know that Clinical Nutrition Center opened it’s doors to help individuals with weight loss in Denver over 35 years ago?

Although he had already been in practice several years, Dr. James Berry incorporated CNC in 1979, and we have been helping patients in Denver and the greater metro area with weight loss and long term weight control strategies ever since. Jim supervised the medical piece; his wife Mickey (who still works with us today as our clinical psychotherapist) provided nutritional consultation and other weight loss services.

I took over the Center in 2004, and plan to continue to help individuals in Denver with weight loss and long-term weight control. We know that life-long weight loss requires a good support system. So, I promise to keep CNC around to help our patients in Denver with long-term weight loss solutions.

At CNC, we understand that weight loss is never easy. Weight loss usually requires multiple different elements – medical supervision, individualized meal planning, nutritional consultation, behavior modification, and most importantly a support system. Without all of these elements, long-term weight loss is unlikely.

Thank you everybody for sticking with us!

Clinical Nutrition Center – Denver’s best kept secret for medical weight loss and life-long weight loss solutions.

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