Every year we see different food trends, 2017 brought a lot of them, some stuck around and some are long forgotten. I am here to talk about the food trends you are sure to see in 2018! In 2017, we saw a huge increase in consumers shifting towards a more plant-centric eating style, with less processed foods and more fruits and vegetables. [Read more]



Holiday Season Ups and Downs

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Thanksgiving has passed and the next set of holidays is right around the corner. What better time to learn from our successes and/or mistakes.
How did your Thanksgiving go? Did you have a plan? Did you stick with it? Did you feel successful, or did it feel like a big failure? I think it is helpful to reflect on how we did to empower us to do even better! I like to be concrete, so have developed the following scoring system [Read more]

In June, the American Medical Association officially recognized obesity as a disease, though the condition has long been regarded as a medical concern. Much more than an issue of excess weight and aesthetic dissatisfaction, living with obesity puts you at a greater risk of developing serious medical complications. One such obesity-related disease is type-2 diabetes, also commonly referred to as adult-onset diabetes. [Read more]

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