Wegovy Lowers the risk for Heart attack and Stroke. *

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For the first time in the history of obesity medicine, a drug has been shown to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke by 20%. For decades, doctors have helped patients reduce their cardiovascular risk by prescribing medications for hypertension and high cholesterol. We now know that treating obesity with medication is similarly compelling. […]

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Obesity Care Week *

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This week (March 2nd 2020) we at Clinical Nutrition Center are proud supporters of Obesity Care Week. Right now, two out of three Americans are at an unhealthy weight. Yesterday, the New York Times reported that by 2030, nearly one in two adults will have obesity, and nearly one in four will have severe obesity. […]

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Six Personal Trainer Apps to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals *

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Can you afford to hire a personal trainer to design workout routines and track your progress? Do you have your own dietitian to plan your meals and keep you in line when your willpower falters? [Read more]

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2018 Food Trends *

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Every year we see different food trends, 2017 brought a lot of them, some stuck around and some are long forgotten. I am here to talk about the food trends you are sure to see in 2018! In 2017, we saw a huge increase in consumers shifting towards a more plant-centric eating style, with less processed foods and more fruits and vegetables. [Read more]

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Holiday Season Ups and Downs *

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Thanksgiving has passed and the next set of holidays is right around the corner. What better time to learn from our successes and/or mistakes.
How did your Thanksgiving go? Did you have a plan? Did you stick with it? Did you feel successful, or did it feel like a big failure? I think it is helpful to reflect on how we did to empower us to do even better! I like to be concrete, so have developed the following scoring system [Read more]

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