Dr. Ethan Lazarus Named Healthcare Provider Advocate of the Year

Posted: Jan 25 in Clinical Nutrition Center News by

At the annual meeting of The Obesity Society (TOS), Dr. Lazarus was the proud recipient of an award.

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) announced Dr. Lazarus as the recipient of this award for his continuous advocacy for patients. He has been instrumental in advocating for the declaration of obesity as a disease by the American Medical Association and continues to pave the way for obesity treatment and prevention. At the AMA annual meeting in 2018, he wrote and passed a resolution calling on the AMA to work with states to remove barriers to obesity care. Previously, he authored and passed resolutions regarding obesity education, recognizing sham treatments as not medically appropriate, and reducing weight bias.

This award is important because it recognizes Dr. Lazarus’s passion to end weight bias and allow people of all weights to receive equal and fair treatment.

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