I lost 10 pounds without trying – you can too! – Ethan Lazarus, MD

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I lost 10 pounds without trying–you can tooOne of the most common question patients ask me is “Have you ever had a weight problem?” I usually answer that my weight negatively affects my health – I have prediabetes and high cholesterol, so chronic weight management is important to keep me healthy.

In spite of this, like everybody, my weight fluctuates. In fact by June of this past year, I had gained 10 pounds. The stresses of work, kids and travel had added up!

When we gain weight, we always assume it’s a result of eating too much or moving too little – or both. However, the more interesting question is why? Are our eating and movement patterns simply a matter of personal choice?

Remember, weight changes are biological, and my weight was being driven up by my biology. In addition to the insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, increased stress and travel, I found I was always exhausted and craving carbohydrates. Further evaluation revealed very mild sleep apnea. I started treatment with a CPAP machine – which took several months to get used to.

Now, 6 months later, my energy is improved, I’m back to my routine – I wake up at 7, have a skim milk latte with no sweetener and a Greek yogurt, drop the kids at school and head to the office. At work, I have a protein bar and an Optifast drink during the day. I stop at the gym on the way back home for an hour, then spend the evening with my family. Dinner is protein and several vegetable options. I often have a glass of wine, and generally skip dessert.

The result? My labs look great. My sleep is improved. And my energy is better. Oh, and did I mention my weight is down 10 pounds?

My weight is a reflection of my overall health. I feel much healthier starting 2017 than I did in the middle of 2016.

What’s your plan this year?  Why do you eat what you eat? What are the drivers of your body weight? How can we improve your health and your environment to favor weight loss? Weight loss should not be the New Year resolution – it should be the result.

Happy New Year!


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  • Mark Husson says:

    Thanks Dr. Lazarus – always the level head, I gain ten pounds and I gain ten more from the stress that the first ten cause me.

    Suggestion for an article at some time – Apnea – it’s contribution to weight gain, and the CPAP machine…Your journey with getting used to it, tips, etc. That whole part of your article sounds like a journey that could hold its own!

    Thanks for sharing your ritual, it’s encouraging.

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