A New Trend in Grocery Shopping: Smaller Stores

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The supersizing of cars, homes, retail shopping centers, and mega grocery stores is making way for a shift toward downsizing, simplifying & economizing.   New, smaller grocery stores are appearing in many states.  Benefits of the new trend includes faster shopping trips and the availability of fresh, more healthful convenience foods.  Like the European fashion of daily trips to markets, some American are now able to shop close to home, possibly even walking to local stores (for more exercise), to shop more frequently and buy fresher foods.

Large supermarkets carry an average of 40,000 products, yet many of the products are very similar and shoppers don’t always have a lot of variety when products are compared.  New, smaller stores allow for faster decisions because of carrying fewer foods.  They also offer more ready-made meals prepared from fresh ingredients.  Shoppers can take either semi-prepared meals home & round out the entrees with a couple of easily prepared side dishes, such as vegetables or grains.  Or, shoppers can quickly bring home full dinners made of fresh foods.

Affordable prices are also being taken into consideration.  The smaller stores are likely to be competitive with the larger stores, or even less expensive.  Smaller stores can pass along lower overhead costs to the customers.

Shopping at smaller stores and purchasing a few prepared meals per week can help families with busy schedules.  More time can then be used to plan and prepare the remainder of the week’s meals.  A few simple ingredients such as fresh chicken, fish, or tofu can be grilled or sautéed, and paired with bagged salads and a fruit salad for a fast, nutritious meal.

     -Tanja Bugas, MS, RD

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