Cut the Fat and Up the Protein with These 3 Easy Food Substitutions

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If you’re looking to improve your diet, but don’t want to throw out some of your favorite recipes, finding healthy food substitutions is a great tactic. Here are three food substitutes that not only taste as good as the original, but also trade unhealthy fats for protein. A nutritious and delicious win-win!

Non-fat Greek Yogurt for Mayonnaise:

It’s the mysterious yellow condiment with which we smother everything from tuna salad to BLTs. Unfortunately, mayonnaise is high in cholesterol. That’s because it’s made with eggs–and not the healthier white part of the egg, either. Mayonnaise is made solely with the yolk–the part of the egg that’s highest in cholesterol, fat, and calories. So, how can you get that creamy, slightly tangy taste in a healthier form? Try substituting plain, low-fat Greek yogurt. You’ll completely cut the cholesterol while getting a healthy serving of protein. A typical 6-ounce serving of Greek yogurt contains 15 to 20 grams of protein. Your coleslaw recipe just got a lot healthier!

Black Beans for Oil

You’ve been eyeing the brownie mix in your cupboard, but every time you indulge in the chocolaty goodness, you end up feeling guilty. There’s no such thing as guiltless brownies, but there are less-guilty brownies. The secret is to substitute black beans for oil. Beans in brownies? Yes. You won’t believe how similar bean brownies taste to the real thing. Plus, beans are full of fiber and protein, so you’re getting some quality nutrition while indulging your sweet tooth.

Pureed Cashews for Heavy Cream

Skip the heavy cream in your next recipe and try pureed cashews instead. This protein-packed substitute will match the consistency of heavy cream without all the cholesterol. Plus, each ounce of cashews contains 5 grams of protein. Try pureed cashews in mashed potatoes, Alfredo sauce, or even ice cream. Cashew puree mixed with a little water will whip into billowy, soft peaks just like whipped cream. If you’re making the puree yourself, you’ll need a high-powered blender like a Ninja or NutriBullet. Store-bought cashew cream works well too.

Brownies, mayonnaise, and heavy cream don’t have to be outlawed from your diet. By substituting fatty ingredients for healthier alternatives, you’ll get the same great taste without all the fat. Plus, you can impress your friends and family with your culinary swaps!

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