How to Focus on Health Over Weight

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A lot of attention is focused on that magical number on the scale. Even people who, for all intents and purposes, are at a healthy weight and in good physical shape somehow manage to obsess about every pound they see. It’s no wonder, really, when society is obsessed with youth and fitness.

If you can manage to break the cycle of altering your diet and activity level to match the number you want to see on the scale and, instead, focus on treating your body in a way that enhances good health and survival, you may just find yourself ultimately being rewarded for your efforts.

  1. Good health is about moderation. You want to consume just enough food to fuel your energy needs. You want the proper amount of activity to keep your body strong and agile. It can be very easy to become overzealous and overextend yourself in either area in the mistaken belief that more is better. Remember, good health is a marathon, not a sprint.
  2. Build on your knowledge of nutrition. Many people mistakenly believe that cutting back and eating too little is their key to weight loss. In reality, a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and the right types of fat in your diet will reward you with a sleek, strong body. The only limitations you should impose on yourself are in regard to those food items that don’t offer up much in the way of nutrition and, instead, play into your love for desserts or unhealthy snacks.
  3. Learn to view exercise as a reward instead of a punishment. Engage in physical activities you actually enjoy, not just ones that promise to build up your body or lower your weight. You are much more likely to pursue exercises that are fun to you instead of tedious and obligatory.
  4. Pay attention to your sleep requirements. While not everyone needs the same amount of sleep, everyone needs to understand their own needs and strive to fulfill them. Sleep is one of the essential building blocks of health.
  5. Learn to identify your stressors. This is the first step to figuring out how to eliminate them. Stress is a strong motivator to reach your goals. But, allowed to rage out of control, stress can negatively affect your health and your weight.
  6. Change the way you think about yourself. Imagine yourself already at your perfect image of yourself. Your mind has a way of turning perception into reality. 
  7. Stop blaming yourself or others for whatever you see as a negative in your life. You can’t rewrite the past, and dwelling on it excessively takes the joy away from today. Learn to let go and live in the moment.

Good health is not just about weight or the amount of food you eat. Health encompasses all of the pillars of healthy living, both physically and mentally. In order to achieve optimal health you need to step away from the scale as your major measuring device and start focusing on every other aspect of your physical and mental being.

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