Is Breakfast Necessary for Weight Loss?

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Breakfast is important for many reasons. Research shows a positive association between eating breakfast and weight control. Some of the reasons for the efficacy of breakfast are:

  • Individuals tend to consume more calories throughout the day when they skip breakfast
  • Breakfast can decrease hunger levels all day
  • Breakfast has been shown to improve cognitive function which might improve positive decisions to comply with a weight loss program

Reasons individuals tend to skip breakfast:

  • They are not hungry in the morning
  • They do not have the time
  • They want to “save” the calories
  • They believe that it makes them hungrier when they have it

The quantity of food consumed at breakfast is not as important as the composition of nutrients. Getting adequate protein (14 grams or more) is key to staving off hunger because protein increases satiety. This can easily be accomplished by eating 2 ounces of meat. Limiting sugar and consuming whole wheat products in places of refined ones is also important.

When time is limited meal replacements like Clinical Nutrition Center’s protein shakes or protein bars can provide and adequate amount of protein and limit the amount of refined sugar. Fresh fruit can be added to increase fiber intake.

Try different foods and/or meal replacements to figure out what works best for you. After experiencing the beneficial effects of breakfast every day, you’ll be convinced to stick with it!

-Dr. Lazarus, adapted from Obesity Management, April 2009, 74-75

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