Weight Loss Resolution or Priority?

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Did you set a goal for yourself to lose weight this year?

If you did, you’re not alone. Countless Americans are starting off the new decade with the goal of losing weight. Not that there’s anything wrong with losing weight – benefits include getting healthier and  feeling great. But if weight loss is the goal, then once the weight is lost, the goal has been completed. Then what?

90-Day Weight Loss Challenge

The problem is, after their “90-Day challenge,”  most Americans will spend the rest of the year regaining the lost weight because they will have moved on with other challenges. In 2021, they will start all over again. People with diabetes don’t start the year with a “90-Day glucose lowering challenge.” Instead, they just shoot for excellent diabetes control, to prevent the long-term complications of diabetes like blindness and heart disease. Similarly, people with high blood pressure don’t start the new year with a goal of getting the blood pressure as low as possible, only to watch it go up later. They aim for continuous blood pressure control – to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

A better approach…

Instead of continuing this cycle, why not start off the new decade with a new and different approach? Figure out what your priorities are, then develop strategies to accomplish your priorities. These priorities can last for years – not for just 90 days.

A personal story

For those of you who know me, you know that my priorities are health and happiness. I try to achieve the healthy goal by taking good care of myself – eating healthy, being physically active, controlling stress and getting enough sleep. To improve happiness, I try to have a positive and friendly work environment and have lots of high quality family time. I also enjoy playing and writing music.

With the limited number of hours in a day, how can I accomplish all of these things?

Well, I’ve decided to combine health and happiness into the same goal. Let me explain. Every day after work, I head over to the gym and almost always spend an hour there. Most days, I bring my tablet and take courses that I enjoy – mostly regarding music. Today I started a new course on music composition which I’ll be watching for the next several weeks. If I’m doing an activity where I can’t watch my classes, I bring my phone and listen to my favorite music. My time at the gym is both healthy and fun! Further, since I’m killing 2 birds with one stone, that leaves me with more time with my family

Health AND happiness, not one or the other.

For the 2020’s, what are YOUR goals? How are YOU going to achieve all of them? Write out your priority list, develop tactics to achieve your priorities, and go for it! Let’s make our priorities last a whole decade, not just 90 days!

-Dr. L

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