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Contrave is one of our new anti-obesity medications, or “AOMs” approved for chronic weight management in 2014. As the years have gone by, we have accumulated a lot of clinical experience with Contrave for weight loss. This article will review some of the pros and cons of Contrave use, particularly in comparison to the older […]

Phentermine was originally approved by the FDA for weight loss in the 1950’s. In those days, few people had obesity, and obesity was thought to be the result of simple dietary indiscretion. Phentermine in those days was studied and approved only for a short duration of use (3 months). Phentermine in 2020 Wow have times […]

This is huge news for the medical weight loss community! For the first time in over 13 years, individuals needing help with life-long weight control have a new, clinically proven, scientifically valid treatment. Clinical trials lasting 2 years have demonstrated very good weight loss with Qsymia, averaging over 10%, with many patients losing 11 to 14% of their body weight (some lose substantially more than this). [Read more]

Shortly after recommending approval of Qnexa (Phentermine / Topiramate), the FDA advisory panel this week also voted to approve Arena Pharmaceuticals weight loss drug, Lorgess (Lorcacerin). This medication has been in clinical trials over the past several years and works through the 5HT2c sub-type Seratonin receptor in the brain. Why is this important? What is […]