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It’s everywhere. The “gluten-free” label is now on foods that haven’t ever even shared a shelf with bread or barley. The term is so pervasive that we could be forgiven for thinking that EVERYONE should avoid gluten. Is this true? Are gluten-containing foods bad for human beings? Who actually should avoid gluten? What is gluten, […]

Our three warmest months of the year have begun! What activities have you planned for this summer? Looking back at past summers, did your fitness level rise or drop? What kinds of eating and exercise did you get into? Did you have kids in summer sports? How did that affect your eating and exercise? All […]

Perhaps you’ve noticed: Many people in their 70s, 60s, 50s, even 40s are showing up with knee problems that require surgery. Here’s a chart for illustration: One of the main reasons for the huge increase in these surgeries is the increasing weight of the US population. Hoping NOT to become a statistic? The US Dept. […]

Perhaps you noticed the tiny ripple in the media in mid-February: A study of Mediterranean – type dining versus typical American stuffing suggested that a diet low in saturated fats, red meats and refined grains, and high in fish, produce and healthy oils reduced microscopic blood vessel damage in the brain. Missed it? Never fear! […]