Diet and Weight Loss Can Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

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Every week here at CNC I diagnose both new Type 2 Diabetics, and countless people at risk for developing diabetes.  All too often, I see patients develop diabetes as a result of continued weight gain.

Now, we have new information shedding more light on this matter.  In a recent study researchers followed 3,234 overweight and obese people with impaired glucose tolerance on blood tests for 10 years.  They were able to show that weight loss, healthy diet and exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes for a decade, not just for a few months or years.  The Diabetes Prevention Program reported data back in 2002, and now we have additional follow-up from this study giving us 10 year data.

The results are clear:  the lifestyle intervention group had the lowest risk of developing diabetes (58% risk reduction), metformin also was helpful (31% risk reduction).

If you are at risk for diabetes, remember this important message.  The most important thing is to not gain weight!  If you can set a goal of having a healthy lifestyle and losing 7% of your weight, you can lower your risk 58%!  If you are having trouble figuring out how to accomplish this, many of our patients at risk for diabetes have been going on our brand new Advanced Program with great results.  The Advanced Program is similar to the fasting programs in that it emphasizes protein, but with the addition of a fruit and a dairy daily, has none of the side effects or risks of being in ketosis.  Many of our Type 2 Diabetics have also been tremendously successful in obtaining better diabetes control by following this style of eating plan.

If you think you are ready to get back on track, we are only a phone call away!  Remember, when it comes to weight management, a little bit goes a long way to helping you lead a longer, healthier life.

-Ethan Lazarus, MD

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