The Best Time of the Year

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As I sit in my office at lunch, I find myself reflecting back to my anniversary here at CNC.  I have now been with the practice almost three years.  November of 2006 I started following Dr. Lazarus around getting to know the routine of the office and the flow of new, return and ongoing patients here.  Many of Dr. Lazarus’s new patients starting a week or two prior to Thanksgiving were second guessing the timing of starting a weight loss program during the holidays.  “I must be crazy out of my mind to start now!” and “I should have waited for New Year’s Resolutions to get started.” were often repeated phrases. 


Guess what?  The procrastinators put on an additional ten plus pounds from Halloween to New Years and the “crazy people” actually dropped weight by January 1st!  The “early starters” actually were ahead of the game for the New Year.  Were they all perfect on their meal plans during all of the holiday celebrations?  Probably not.  But the majority had already established their exercise routines prior to the resolution crush, the majority were aware of their food choices and didn’t want to completely blow it at their weekly weigh-ins. I liken starting now to training at altitude.  If you can achieve weight loss during the hardest time of year, imagine how well you’ll do when the temptations are fewer.


I have also had many of our monthly maintenance patients comment recently that for the next two to three months, they are coming to CNC more frequently (every 2-3 weeks instead – some even weekly) so that they are able to maintain it and not “blow it” like they used to do every year at this time.  Reflect back to prior patterns and ask how well you typically manage your weight this time of year.  Journaling should be foremost.  The accountability does an amazing job of keeping us on track.  Is exercise as consistent as it has been?  Are you stepping on a scale at home and keeping tabs on your weight? Are you drinking alcohol much more like the old days instead of keeping it in better check?  How many times have you eaten just one little piece of candy to then find yourself mindlessly returning for seconds, thirds….


If you need the additional accountability of CNC, we are here for you.  The dietitians always have great suggestions this time of year to help you past those holiday cravings and temptations.  I also have many patients that have not used prescription appetite suppressant medication lately, but find them very helpful to make it through this time of year; whether it is as needed for special eating occasions or for daily help with the break room holiday goodies.  How many times can you resist Ethel’s special cookies and fudge?  If you are mindful, sleeping, exercising, journaling and slowing down instead of rushing around, you stand a better chance.


We would love to see everyone at their healthiest weight today and throughout the holiday season.  Let’s keep that blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and waist lines in check.  As always, we are here for anyone needing our support.  Don’t wake up January 1st, 2010 full of disgust, self hate and disappointment.  End 2009 on a great note and start the year off in a state of wonderful health.  You can do it!  Let’s hold on to that great momentum. Or for those who have let their guards down ever so slightly, this is a critical time of year to be vigilant. 

-Heather Thomas, PA –c

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