New Once a Week Diabetes Treatment

Posted: Mar 02 in Medical Weight Loss News by

There is exciting news for all of our Type 2 Diabetics. Bydureon has now been approved for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. When patients are not controlled on metformin or metformin plus a sulfonylurea (Glipizide / Glucotrol) or thiazoladinedione (Actos / Avandia), Bydureon helps patients achieve an average A1creduction of 1.6%. Further, patients lost an average of 5.1 pounds.

This is a reformulation of exenatide (Byetta) that has been manufactured to allow for once weekly dosing. This should represent a powerful new treatment option, and the first of its kind (with regards to convenience) for our Diabetics. If you are interested in learning more, schedule an office visit with Dr. Lazarus to discuss. You also might want to check with your insurance carrier to insure that this medication will be covered by your formulary.

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