The Office Friendly Medical Weight Loss Diet

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The Office Friendly Medical Weight Loss DietIn this day and age, the workweek doesn’t always stop at 40 hours. The majority of hard working American adults pack in about 50 hours of work in an average week, many clocking in another 10 or 15 hours on top of that. And this doesn’t include the second shift that takes place at home.

When all is said and done there are two important pieces of information that need to be realized about our working habits, especially as you shift your focus to a medical weight loss program in Denver. One is that most of us are fatigued, overworked and willing to take the easiest route possible when it comes to eating habits. The second is that where we work is pretty much a second home, so eating habits there need to be assessed just as heavily as they are in our own kitchens.

Learning to Eat Healthy At Work

During your OPTIFAST weight loss program, you might find it easier to stick to your healthy diet. This is because the OPTIFAST plan takes out most of the complicated choices involved in losing weight and sets forth a strict plan that is simple to follow. When you are following the OPTIFAST diet plan you will know what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you will have to follow that meal plan whether you are at home, at the office or on vacation.

This type of weight loss program can do much more than cut calories in the short term; it can teach you a new approach to eating that thrives on healthy habits, portion control and reasonable meal choices.

Here are a few tips to help you start eating healthier at work:

  • Stay away from tempting spots: Whether it is a vending machine, a friend with a candy drawer or the break room with free doughnuts, do your best to steer clear of these troublesome areas.
  • Eat outside: If you can’t handle eating in the cafeteria without buying French fries or heading to the break room without munching on free snacks, then take your lunch outside. This is also a great way to fit in some lunchtime fitness by adding a brief walk to your break.
  • Eat frequently: There is no reason to let yourself go hungry all day. This is something you will learn with your OPTIFAST meal plan. Having smaller meals several times throughout the day can diminish hunger pangs and keep you satisfied and able to concentrate at work.
  • Bring it yourself: Don’t bother tempting yourself with drive-thru windows. Even some of the salads at fast food establishments aren’t healthy and won’t help your weight loss efforts. Let your meal plan get you in the habit of brown bagging your lunch to enhance your weight loss efforts.

Your meal plan is just the starting line for a healthier way of life. Take the time during your medical weight loss program to develop long term healthy habits that will help you maintain your weight loss.

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