Optifast Tomato Soup

Posted: Nov 16 in Optifast by

As one of few Denver area centers to offer Optifast, our patients have really enjoyed using the Optifast foods as balanced meal replacements.

The Optifast 800 series foods are 160 calories each with 14 gm protein and 20 gm carbohydrates. We purchased a little more tomato soup that we need, so we are offering the Optifast Tomato soup at a substantial discount. This is one of the best soups we have ever stocked – with the cold days of fall and winter upon us, what better way to warm up your day? (We also have the Optifast 800 series Chicken Soup, and Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry packets and ready to drink).

Available at our clinic, stop by if you’d like to try this delicious Optifast Tomato Soup. Normally $3.50, the Optifast Tomato Soup is on sale for $2.75 per packet. We expect to sell out quickly at this price.

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