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For decades, people working towards losing weight have turned to different types of diets for weight loss – low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie TV Dinners delivered to the house, skipping meals and other trendy solutions. For a time, people were eating ancestral diets (“Paleo”) and now there is again a trend to do ketogenic diets (“Keto.”) Many […]

For over 30 years, Clinical Nutrition Center has been helping Denver residents shed the pounds by utilizing a combination of medical weight loss medications, supervision, and medical weight loss programs. We launched our Denver Optifast program last year to bring more tools to individuals desiring a simple weight loss program. [Read more]



Many individuals take New Years as a time to seriously reconsider their health. In fact, over the next several weeks, I expect to meet many new patients in the office with the goal of losing 50 or more pounds. If you’re wanting to lose a lot of weight and keep it off, why not pick […]



Optifast Tomato Soup

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As one of few Denver area centers to offer Optifast, our patients have really enjoyed using the Optifast foods as balanced meal replacements. The Optifast 800 series foods are 160 calories each with 14 gm protein and 20 gm carbohydrates. We purchased a little more tomato soup that we need, so we are offering the […]



Optifast HP

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Have you tried Optifast HP yet? Patients at Clinical Nutrition Center in Denver, Colorado are enjoying Optifast HP. Optifast HP, or high protein, is formulated quite differently from the other foods at CNC. Available in vanilla or chocolate, each meal contains 200 calories with 26 gm of protein and only 10 gm of Carbohydrate. What […]