Weight Loss Lowers the risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

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Today, November 11th 2023, represents a tipping point in the treatment of obesity.

For decades, doctors have viewed obesity as a cosmetic issue, and have resisted treating it with medications due to safety concerns prompted by drugs of old like “Fen-phen” which were released with inadequate safety studies and resulted in harm.

Today, for the first time, we have compelling evidence that not only is treating obesity with medications safe, but in fact treating obesity with medications lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Novo Nordisk released the results of their SELECT trial today at the American Heart Association meeting. In this study, over 17,000 adults with obesity and heart disease were randomized to treatment with Wegovy (semaglutide 2.4 mg) for chronic weight management or placebo.

Those treated with Wegovy decreased their risk of a heart attack or stroke by 20%.

Not only is treatment with Wegovy for chronic weight management safe, but in fact, it lowers the risk of a major adverse cardiovascular event similarly to treating hypertension with medication or hyperlipidemia with medication. This is also similar to the risk reduction in cardiovascular events with the treatment of diabetes with Ozempic (semaglutide 1.0 mg).

People with obesity have a significantly elevated risk of developing heart disease. We can no longer afford NOT to treat! This is the first of many studies looking at the effects of chronic weight management with anti-obesity medication on heart risk. This study also demonstrates why it is critical to choose FDA-Approved treatments over those that have not been thoroughly studied in humans (such as “Compounded” peptides, available through the internet and med spas).

Of course, all treatments have potential benefits and risks. It is important to review all of the available options and choose the one that makes the most sense for your health.

And remember, while losing weight may help you feel better, look better, and be a smaller size, for people at elevated risk of heart disease, losing weight can also save your life.

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