Reducing Sedentary Time for Weight Maintenance

Posted: Mar 21 in Weight Management Strategies by

I lost 10 pounds without trying–you can tooI want to share an article that I co-authored with Chris Montoya. It was recently published in the medical journal, ADVANCES IN THERAPY and I think it has valuable lessons for all of us who struggle with weight at times.

“This article, co-authored by a patient living with obesity and his obesity medicine specialist, reviews how the patient has successfully lost 200 lb and maintained that loss for over a decade. This was achieved primarily with a behavioral intervention including support visits, a structured food plan, and changes in his physical activity. He did not undergo bariatric surgery. For the majority of this time, he was not treated with anti-obesity medication. This article will review how the patient lost the weight and kept it off, particularly in relationship to the importance of decreasing sedentary time.”

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