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Upcoming Support Group Classes March 2017We offer a variety of classes – FREE (subject to change). Call now at 303-750-9454 to reserve your spot (or you can also reserve in your patient portal). Topics include:

Dr. Ethan Lazarus

Understanding Weight Management:
Wednesday, March 1st at 4:00 PM

Eat MORE, Exercise LESS: the key to sustainable weight management
Wednesday, April 5th at 4:00 PM

Diet Review: What works and what doesn’t? What does the evidence tell us?
Wednesday, May 5th at 4:00 PM

Wednesday, May 31st at 4:00 PM

Wednesday, July 12th at 4:00 PM

Maintaining Weight Loss
Wednesday, August 16th at 4:00 PM

Appetite Regulation
To be determined

Kristin Coggins, RDN: Mindful Nutrition (Also Free!)

Setting Compelling Goals
Friday, March 17th at 9:00 AM

Reaching Your Healthy Weight
Friday, April 21st at 9:00 AM

Mind Over Platter “A look into emotional/nighttime eating”
Friday, May 19th at 9:00 AM

Weight Loss Support Group:

Kim Jones, M.A. Licensed Professional Counselor

Do you struggle to stay motivated? Do you feel like you have to work harder than others to accomplish your goals? You are not alone! This group is designed to encourage and support participants to succeed in achieving and maintaining their weight loss goals. This is not a “class” where you learn information; it is a group for sharing your successes and struggles. This group is designed to identify blocks that are keeping us stuck and to motivate one another towards accomplishing who we want to be.

Come and join this community of people who understand and are on similar journeys.  We meet every other Monday morning for 6 weeks.  The cost is $40 per session.


Upcoming Classes

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