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new optifastCNC is proud to offer OPTIFAST full meal replacement programs. Our patients have long enjoyed the outstanding quality and science-based approach OPTIFAST offers. The typical OPTIFAST patient loses 52 pounds in 22 weeks.

This March, Nestle will release “OPTIFAST New and Improved” to participating OPTIFAST medical centers. The new food line makes many changes that are consistent with advances in nutrition science, including decreasing sugar, eliminating high fructose corn syrup, increasing protein and increasing fiber.

Summary of Nutritional Improvements:

Summary of Nutritional Improvements
Current science supports the fact that increased sugar consumption is a major driver of the obesity epidemic. While the original OPTIFAST program already provides participants significantly less sugar than most Americans eat, the new formulation lowers sugar further, and specifically lowers the amount of fructose.

The additional protein should help the foods to be more satisfying and encourage retention of lean body weight. The additional fiber should help prevent constipation during weight loss.

Finally, there will be a few changes to the flavors, including the addition of an Apple Cinnamon Bar, and a new Vegetable Soup.

We hope you enjoy this new lineup.


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