Enhance Your Weight Loss Efforts: Build Self-Esteem in Three Easy Steps

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Sometimes losing weight is more a mental than physical pursuit. Weight loss, to be successful, becomes a lesson in learning about your ego, learning how to honor yourself, and learning to nurture your gifts. You can enhance weight loss by using this energy of personal strength and self-esteem, as well.

To attain this energy, first, uncover what mental powers are within you and then learn how to develop them to change the physical body. This article will have a look at three steps you can use to attract and harness the power of this secret weight loss weapon.

1) Define Your Strengths

What strengths do you have that are personal to you? The answer to this question is an extension of your power. As you uncover the strengths behind your creativity and personal gifts, take this idea one step further. Here your goal is to identify how your power evolves into the self-esteem and positive energy you can channel toward weight loss.

To demonstrate, imagine early educators never nurtured your creative talents. Imagine you spent a significant amount of time “hiding” your gifts instead of feeling confident about them. This scenario shows how your gifts can detract from your energy and self-esteem–they may even unconsciously stifle your weight loss efforts.

By uncovering your gifts and permitting yourself to trust in yourself, you can overcome hidden negativity and showcase your talent. In doing so, you call your energy home and create a significant and inspiring energy boost to the body!

Ask yourself: Are there any gifts that you are hiding that could contribute to energy depletion instead of energy infusion?

2) Learn to be 100 Percent Honest with Yourself

Can you be honest with yourself without stretching the truth? Can you be honest with others? People may not always ask for your opinion–yet if called, can you be honest and fair with others? These are important, subjective matters that pertain to the notion of your self-esteem.

Here’s why: To be healthy means being able to be honest with yourself, flaws and all. To impose a change to the body, you must love yourself in the present moment. It is also important to accept constructive criticism while still maintaining an energetic balance.

Ask yourself: What does your self-esteem look like even if you are not at your perfect weight? The most important yardstick of your self-worth is the ability to ebb and flow with life even if it is not perfect, and you must remain impersonal in the face of criticism.

Ask yourself: Do you have to have approval? Strength and a positive, healthy ego are enhanced when you set yourself apart from the good opinion of other people. If you are always in search of approval, this could create a severe drop in energy and stall weight loss efforts.


3) Develop Self-Expression and Self-Esteem through Your Relationships with Others

With these recent thoughts in mind, consider your strength in personal relationships. Are you able to be yourself inside your relationships? Do you make unhealthy compromises for your relationships? Do you keep relationships for personal approval?

The final step to self-esteem asks you to consider your need for approval from others. Agreed, this is a slippery slope–you are called to complete work and tasks for others to receive money, to receive gratitude, and to receive approval. The broader question is: Can you remain an observer of yourself in the name of creating a healthy internal environment? The key here is to find the personal balance between your self-esteem and the work you provide to others for support and approval.

Keep this question in mind: What mental balance must you strike to take charge of your life?

Building Self-Esteem for Weight Loss

With all these ideas in mind, ask yourself these final three questions to further boost your self-esteem and enhance weight loss.

1) What is the greatest challenge you have ever overcome in your life? How did you go about doing it?

2) What song best describes your life?

3) What have you aspired to do that you have never done? What’s stopping you?

Draw from the personal strength you find in these exercises and this article to boost your positive energy, boost your self-esteem, and boost your weight loss efforts. With a bit of focus on your mind and creating a healthy head space, you are sure to plunge forward with your weight loss goals and reach them effortlessly. Love yourself now and reward yourself as you continue on your weight loss journey, you will find your destination in no time!

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