No More Yo-Yo Dieting

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No More Yo-yo DietingHave you ever worked your hardest to lose weight, only to be met with frustration later as the pounds seem to creep back on? Current science has shown that keeping weight off is actually far harder than losing it.

Yo-yo dieting has been described as repeated loss and regain of body weight. It seems like every week there is a new fad diet going around town, from “Eat right for your blood type” to “Atkins.” Unfortunately, fad diets, while perhaps effective in the short-term, don’t help most people keep the weight off permanently. After all, if they did, this would have reversed a trend that now sees two out of every three Americans at an unhealthy body weight.

We all have unique preferences, particularly when it comes to food. At Clinical Nutrition Center; we focus on individualized approaches so that the progress we make with weight loss can be continued long-term. We want to not only help you lose the weight, but teach you all the skills and strategies to maintain your weight loss. We encourage patients to continue with office visits long after they have reached their goal weight.

This is not unlike the treatment of other diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure. In fact, current scientific evidence has shown that these long-term visits are a vital key to success. A recent study demonstrated that monthly office visits with a Registered Dietitian are an effective maintenance strategy. These visits provide support, accountability, monitoring, and structured lifestyle interventions as appropriate for each person’s unique life circumstances.

Although maintaining weight loss is difficult, this study (along with our 35 years of experience in helping people achieve their weight management goals) proves that people are more successful in maintaining weight loss when they participate in post-weight-loss coaching sessions, including regular check-ins with a Registered Dietitian.

Research has also shown that participants who learn behavioral skills maintain weight loss better than those who don’t. “Dieters who received coaching had only regained about a pound and a half, on average, a year after their initial weight loss, and successful dieters who received no follow-up coaching regained about 5 pounds.”

Treatment strategies that work to help people lose weight also work to keep weight off, but only if they are continued long-term. You don’t have to do this on your own. Without help, more than 80% of people who lose weight regain it. Get off the yo-yo dieter bandwagon: commit to long-term treatment. This time, let’s make your new, lower, healthier weight permanent!

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