Healthier Cooking Methods for Your Favorite Foods

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Eating healthy doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge, and it is actually possible to incorporate foods that you already know and love. Making a few smart changes, such as using a different cooking method to prepare your favorite recipe, can make a strong impact on your overall diet. The next time you are in the kitchen and preparing to make a meal for your family, see if your menu can be adapted to any of these cooking methods to cut down on the fat without compromising on flavor. 

Using Your Oven 

Baking shouldn’t just be limited to your favorite sweet treats. Baking breaded foods is a good way to cut down on your fat content while still achieving a crunchy exterior. The key to baking is low and slow, however, so you should factor is the added time to your recipes. The oven is also very useful for roasting vegetables. Steamed vegetable are not always the most appetizing. If left in the pot for too long, they can become mushy. Not to mention, people often under salt the water, leaving you with a bland side dish. Roasting your vegetables, especially root vegetables such as parsnips and carrots, can transform your dish. Play with your seasoning and use herbs such as rosemary and thyme for an extra element of flavor. 

Rethinking Eggs

In many homes, eggs are a staple in the morning, and if your family enjoys them fried, this can be quite an unhealthy habit. For a change of pace, try poaching your eggs. While poaching may seem like an intimidating process, with a little practice you can become an expert. Additionally, for a quick fix, you could try a shallow poach. Use a frying pan filled with water rather than an entire pot. Crack the eggs gently into your simmering pool, and wait until your egg whites cook. Top with a slab of multigrain toast and you have a nutritious and elegant breakfast. 

Become a Grill Master

Fire up the backyard grill to prepare your next meal, and you may be pleasantly surprised. Don’t limit your grilling capabilities to hamburgers and hot dogs either. Chicken, steaks, pork chops, and sausages can all be chargrilled to perfection. You can also grill fruits and vegetables, which will give them a wonderful caramelized flavor. 

Implementing some of these cooking methods can be a great way to make small, healthy changes to your lifestyle. 

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