Tips on Healthy Living

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Living a healthy lifestyle is easier than you might expect. You can start living healthier right now by setting aside negative mindsets keeping you from your goal. Let’s take a look at them and how to overcome them in three easy steps.

Step Number One:

Don’t believe healthy food tastes bad. Food can taste good without a lot of fat or sugar. Too much fat and sugar can also ruin your food. A piece of chicken swimming in grease is as bad as a dried out piece of turkey with no skin.

You must learn to cook healthy OR learn where you can get healthy food that tastes good. Experiment with new recipes. Make that piece of turkey taste good with a dab of cranberry sauce or relish, or eat it with barbecue sauce. Be sure not to overcook your meat and remove its natural juiciness. Learn to prepare vegetables so they will be — at the very least — tolerable to your palette.

Step Number Two:

Don’t believe exercise is to be dreaded. Find some type of exercise you can enjoy, or at least tolerate. It may be walking with your spouse, playing tennis, golfing, or riding an exercise bike in front of your television.

Decide you WILL exercise and learn how to make it part of your regular routine, enjoyably!

Step Number Three:

Overcome negative thinking. We’ve already begun unmasking some lies. Now decide you won’t believe the lies that you can’t change, it’s no fun to live healthy or it’s not for you. It IS for you if you choose it. If you lapse into old ways once in awhile, tell yourself you CAN do this. Keep trying.

Developing new habits take time, so give yourself some slack. Think positive. Remind yourself you CAN and WILL do this.

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