Top 10 Reasons why Music is better than TV

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  1. music better than tvMusic is a universal Language
  2. Songs take as long as they take – they don’t have to fit into 30 or 60 minute segments
  3. Music contains no advertisements
  4. Evidence links excessive television time to obesity (particularly in kids). It also contributes to attention deficit disorder. No such link exists for music.
  5. Watching television is associated with mindless eating. This is not true for listening to music. And, it is very hard to eat while playing music.
  6. Watching TV before bed worsens insomnia and makes it hard to fall asleep. This is not true for music.
  7. There is no “fake news” when listening to music
  8. Oftentimes music makes you want to sing and dance (or, see #10). Television makes you want to sit on your derriere.
  9. Music stimulates creativity. Television dulls it.
  10. A television in the bedroom has been linked with decreased frequency of sexual activity.

So, ditch the TV and pull out your ipod!

by Dr. Lazarus


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