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Who doesn’t want fast results, especially those who are trying to lose weight? That’s why diet pills and extreme diets are such an easy sell. What could be quicker than swallowing a pill and watching the pounds melt away! Emotionally, we’d like to believe this is possible, but reason tells us that any weight we lose using extreme techniques won’t be sustainable. [Read more]

We all know that our diet can affect numerous aspects of our lives, especially during medical weight loss. But what we eat can also take a toll on our moods and energy levels. When it comes to weight loss, a positive, high-energy attitude is important to reaching your goals. Bad moods can lead to harmful eating habits that could hinder the progress you’ve already made. [Read more]



Start Your Day off Right

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Breakfast has long been labeled the most important meal, yet an astounding number of people claim to skip breakfast in hopes of cutting calories from the start of their day. To lose weight, it’s important to follow a healthy weight loss program that features breakfast, lunch and dinner. [Read more]