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Current evidence suggests that keeping weight off requires a lot of daily physical activity. Oftentimes, people think that this needs to be “exercise.” Well, believe it or not, it doesn’t! What is physical activity? Obviously, exercise counts as physical activity – running, walking, biking, weights, yoga, Pilates, rowing, swimming, skiing, hiking… There is certainly no […]

Something I’ve found interesting during the COVID-19 pandemic is that I’ve made incredible progress in my fitness routine after being forced to simplify my routine during lockdown. Believe it or not, I feel I am now in my best shape ever. Getting to the Best Weight Ever! It occurred to me that many patients I […]

Working from home these past couple months definitely has its challenges – trying to do patient visits while my 3 children do school at home, not to mention my talkative parrot Dixie who likes yelling “Hungry” during visits keeps things interesting, to say the least! I know this pandemic has been extremely stressful for all. […]