Complexity is the Enemy of Change

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person writing notes about foodSomething I’ve found interesting during the COVID-19 pandemic is that I’ve made incredible progress in my fitness routine after being forced to simplify my routine during lockdown. Believe it or not, I feel I am now in my best shape ever.

Getting to the Best Weight Ever!

It occurred to me that many patients I speak with are telling me the same thing about their weight management goals – the simplicity of their new lifestyle is helping them get to their best weight ever.

Keeping things simple is the best path towards progress. Complexity gets in the way.

Think about a time when you’ve done great with weight management – you had regular office visits. You kept a food journal. You had dedicated times each day for physical activity. You went to bed at the same time every evening and woke up at the same time each morning. And you found effective strategies to lower distractions in your life so you could improve your health.

Complexity gets in the weigh…

Unfortunately, life has a special ability to get in the way. We go on trips. We have family gatherings. Work stress piles up. Before we know it, we are getting too little sleep, too much stress, the scheduled time for physical activity disappears, we stop our journaling, we stop our visits.

If we are going to sustain weight loss over the long-term, we need to keep things simple. Let me give you an example. Our beloved psychotherapist Micky, who unfortunately passed away several years back, once went on a trip to Vietnam. Upon returning, she told me that life their was “Simple.” She said meals were mostly vegetables and rice, again very simple choices. When she got back to the United States, every meal felt like Thanksgiving – multiple options, multiple courses, sauces, desserts. She told me, “It’s one thing to have Thanksgiving once a year – but Americans celebrate Thanksgiving three times a day!”

The key is keeping things simple.

If you want to sustain weight loss, the key is to keep it simple! This is a core technique our registered dietitians teach successful patients at CNC every day. Find a simple lifestyle that supports a lower, healthier body weight. Practice your routine until you get really good at it. After all, practice makes perfect!

By keeping things simple, you will sustain your weight loss because your consistent routine will become your new lifestyle.

Simplifying your life will improve your health, your happiness, and your confidence.

Why not start today? Get back to a healthy routine that includes:

  • Regular bedtime and wakeup time
  • Keeping a food journal
  • Weighing weekly (or no more than once daily)
  • Scheduled daily physical activity (brisk walking or better, 60 minutes or more, with respect to any physical limitations)
  • Fixed calorie meal replacements for 1-2 meals per day

By keeping things simple, you will actually enjoy the process of improving your health, because your brain and your body will know what to expect!

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