Give Peas a Chance: Loving Your Weight Loss Diet

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Give Peas a Chance - Loving Your Diet for Weight Loss in Denver

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains—these are essential elements of healthy eating, but they’re often scarce in the modern American diet. As fast food and frozen, prepackaged junk take up a bigger fraction of what we eat, healthy, home-cooked meals have started to go the way of the dodo, and many people are left thinking that fresh, wholesome food just isn’t their cup of tea.

But once you’ve started medical weight loss, you have the chance to reassess this attitude towards healthy eating. Not only is it possible to teach yourself to love healthy foods—with time, you may find that you enjoy them much more than the empty calories that were once part of your diet.

Learning to Enjoy Healthy Eating

Many Americans rely on fast food and frozen dinners, never straying too far from the freezer aisle or drive-thru window. Unfortunately, this is a huge contributor to expanding waistlines and poor health. But with the help of your medical weight loss program, both your diet and your attitude can start to change dramatically.

Unless you’re on a full meal replacement program, you’ll need to continue preparing your own foods. The meals you cook for yourself during your program can help you see healthy food in a new light. Even if you’ve sworn that you hate things like fish and vegetables for years, these things can now become much more common in your kitchen—and you may even find yourself learning to love them.

How can you start to be happy with foods you once hated? Try things like:

  • Working on your cooking skills. Before medical weight loss, you may have been in and out of the kitchen in the time it took to microwave a frozen dinner. But as we guide you through your new eating habits during medical weight loss, it’s time to take a different view of the cooking process. Though you may have once thought of cooking as a boring chore, you may discover that combining ingredients, trying new recipes and building your skills in the kitchen can be fun. With time, cooking may become one of your favorite hobbies, and this can make eating healthy much easier.
  • Committing to an open mind. When you were young, perhaps your parents made you try things like asparagus and peas, but you found them so distasteful that you’ve avoided them for decades. But you probably didn’t like wine the first time you tried it either, and may have grown to appreciate it as your palate changed in adulthood. If you try long-hated foods again, you may find them much less horrible than you remember—in fact, they may have textures and flavors that you now find fascinating and delicious. Each time you go to the store, try to buy a new ingredient—this will help you find new favorites all the time.

You can use medical weight loss as an opportunity to change the way you think about eating, and as a result, you’ll eat healthier and have more fun. Your diet will be much easier to maintain if you learn to love it!

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