4 Ways to Rediscover Your Motivation

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It’s easy to get started on a worthwhile goal, whether it is gaining a new skill, achieving more with your work, or simply losing weight or getting more fit. When it is something you want to do, your excitement and your anticipation of positive results give you a burst of energy and enthusiasm that gets you underway. But maintaining that momentum can be difficult.

When your progress starts to sag, your determination and commitment are put to the test. It’s important to recognize that slowing momentum and flagging motivation are common and natural, and not a reason to immediately change direction or give up altogether. You need to anticipate and be ready to apply techniques to rekindle the fire you had when you started.

Change Your Focus

Sometimes you can get stuck in one perspective as you work toward your goal. Shifting your focus can provide a burst of inspiration and energy. For example, if you are working on growing your business, you may be paying the most attention to the overall bottom line, which may be creeping along at a frustrating pace. Try switching your attention to some shorter-term goals and let the big one ride for a little while. Look for something you can finish in a few hours or a day that will give you a feeling of accomplishment.

Identify Activities that Unlock Your Creativity

When you are feeling uninspired with your project, put it aside for a few hours and do something that sparks your creative juices. This could be closely related to what you are working on, such as taking a short online class on a relevant topic or skill. Or it could be a complete break to get some exercise, browse in a bookstore or gallery, or write in a journal. Choose activities that are not mindless, but that stimulate your brain in a different area or direction; you may be surprised what you will bring back to your main project after an inspirational break! 

Network With Others Working on Similar Projects

For a business or career goal, look for a networking or professional advancement group in your field, or attend a relevant conference to make new connections. If you are writing a novel or aiming for a Whole 30 challenge, check out online groups that are formed around those goals or start one yourself! The idea is to find others who understand what you are trying to accomplish because they are on the same path, or perhaps have already traveled the path and are willing to mentor you. It’s also a great way to find accountability partners with whom you can check in daily or weekly to support and encourage each other.

Celebrate All Your Successes

Give yourself a pat on the back for every success, even the smallest ones. Find ways to reward yourself with a little downtime, a special treat, or just a gold star sticker on your calendar for that day. Celebrating every win can help inspire you to move forward, and on the days when your inspiration and motivation are running low, the promise of a special treat as a prize for pushing on may be what you need to get over your obstacle.

Praise and recognition can be huge motivators. If no one around you is able to give you meaningful positive feedback, give it to yourself! Imagine yourself as the mentor or boss of someone like you and write that person a note telling them that you noticed something good they did that day, and thank them for their hard work. It might feel a little silly, but it’s a great way to boost your motivation to keep going.

It can be frustrating to start toward a goal, make some progress, but then feel your motivation slipping away. It’s necessary to regain that motivation, but you won’t do it by berating yourself, feeling bad, or giving up. Taking simple positive steps to reignite your enthusiasm and commitment will get you back on your way to accomplishing your goal.

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