A New Spin on Internet Dating- Heather Thomas, PA

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I always say that our patients are one of our best sources for learning the tricks to weight loss and long-term weight maintenance. I am coming to realize, they are also the best resources for internet dating tips. What?

Many of our patients are feeling a big boost in confidence as they lose weight, and are bravely putting themselves out there in the dating scene. A common pitfall I hear about new dating is that unfortunately the number one meeting spot happens to be restaurants. I spoke to a patient last week that had four dates in one week. You can imagine what that may do to someone still trying to lose weight or maintain. I asked this patient how she is balancing everything and she gave me a funny look. I clarified that ordering in restaurants can be difficult enough if you are really watching it, but perhaps awkward and uncomfortable in front of a complete stranger and potential new partner.

This brilliant and analytical patient sighed and smiled at me. “Why would it be difficult? I order what I want and don’t feel embarrassed by it at all. I am watching how my date is ordering. I am interviewing them!”. Wow; this shut me right up. Of course it should be this way. She further explained that she has worked too hard getting healthy to enter a relationship with anyone who is not in alignment with her views on a healthy lifestyle. “Why would I go on a 2nd date with someone who drinks too much or eats un-healthfully?”

This change in perspective made so much sense to me. Instead of being intimidated or self-conscious on a first date, she chooses to put the spotlight on her date. Her eating decisions are now based on what feels the best for her body. Her future is a healthy lifestyle – physically, spiritually and emotionally. She chooses to surround herself with people that support that. She is looking to be impressed; not impress. It has taken her a long journey to get to this place, but she is not going to let anyone sidetrack her on this journey. Kudos to her! I hope this concept may hit home with those brave souls out there dating again. It is up to you to decide what new relationships are in line with your new goals and which ones end up reminding you of old/less healthy influences. Go forth with confidence and surround yourself with healthy people.


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