Ideas to try during this busy time of year!

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I attended a Nutrition and Exercise workshop with Nancy Clark,MS, RD, CSSD,FACSM and DR. William J. Evans as speakers. Here are a few ideas to try and think about on a daily basis.

  • Remember to” Top Load” your meal plan.
    This means to make sure your breakfast has 30grams of protein along with two other food groups such as a fruit and a dairy and even vegetables if possible. If you have trouble eating protein for breakfast, try including a CNC Protein shake or bar with your breakfast, most of which have at least 15gm of protein per serving.
  • Snacks have at least two food groups like protein and vegetables or a fruit.
    Cut up vegetables like bell peppers, jicama, cucumber, celery and carrots and put them in a small bag to bring with you for munching.
  • Lunch is the same thinking as breakfast. (30 gm of protein, fruit, dairy, vegetables)
    Plan ahead so that you don’t find yourself at a fast food restaurant with limited options. Talk to your RD about what might be good lunch choices when going out with co-workers, many chains have their menus and nutrition information posted online.
  • Afternoon snack is a must because it is too long between lunch and dinner to go without something.
    Make sure you have healthy snacks with you! Protein bars, nuts, cheese, lunch meat, fruit & vegetables
  • Dinner is also like lunch. Try to resist the “Cresendo” eating plan-little meals thoughout the day and a big meal at night.
    Plan ahead- make your grocery store list early in the week and load up on vegetables and protein!

Remember, think of weight as a management issue not a food issue. This may help to think of food as fuel.

To get the most out of your weight training use the E-Centric phase which is the second half of your strength training movement. This is the lowering phase which should be three times longer. Most muscle growth takes place during this phase. Make sure you eat before you work out and as close after your workout as well. Gateway to becoming more active is strength training. Keep moving the body! Have a healthy workout and healthy day!

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