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Are you a fitness enthusiast who occasionally lacks the motivation to exercise? Do you sometimes wish you could quiet that nagging voice that tells you to exercise and instead spend your time lazing on the couch watching TV? Just because you know you should exercise, that does not mean you possess the motivation to complete a workout. [Read more]

Most weight loss occurs with a modification in diet; however, evidence shows the best way to maintain weight loss is to engage in regular physical activity.

We all know and understand the importance of physical activity; it helps reduce stress and anxiety, can reduce high blood pressure, reduce risk of cardiovascular events and type II diabetes. I think many individuals struggle with keeping weight off because they are not engaging in regular physical activity. [Read more]



Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. For thousands of years, they’ve been consistent and reliable companions, helping us hunt and herd, protect our homes and feel happy and loved. Years of breeding them to suit our needs have ensured that there’s a breed of dog out there for just about anyone—including those of us in Denver who are looking for ways to become more active as we lose weight. [Read more]