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Key ideas for healthy holidaysWith the season changing from a warm fall to a cooler winter, our bodies may desire more comfort foods. This time of year we crave things like warm cakes, gravy’s, sauces, baked goods, buttery dishes and heavier caloric foods. In the Spring and Summer, lighter foods like salads and fruit may be more appealing. How HEALTHY can we be for the next two months? Here are some ideas to keep your weight in check during the colder months:

  • To begin with- SLEEP!!! Try to get 7 Hours nightly.
  • PRE-PLAN! Consider the traditions in your family and know what foods will be eaten that are hard to avoid. Don’t arrive to the party staving. Control or avoid alcohol.
  • PORTION CONTROL! Try the “TWO BITE RULE” ( the first two bites taste the best, then the food becomes more neutral).
  • MINDFUL EATING! Pay attention to your eating-try to JUST eat….avoid mindless eating and read labels. Don’t eat in front of the TV!
  • WATER! Stay hydrated-remember dehydration can be confused as being hungry….drink water first.
  • JOURNAL! Makes you more aware of what you are eating. Try the app My Fitness Pal or Shop Well.
  • SLOW DOWN!!!! Take your time to eat….at least 20-30 Minutes. Put your fork down between each bite.
  • MAKE a “YEA LIST” or “I AM AWESOME LIST” of your accomplishments! PRAISE YOURSELF! Keep a list of Non-Food Rewards such as a massage…new clothes….jewelry,books, or just some time for relaxation. Take Time for YOURSELF!!!

Remember to take care of yourself…..the Holidays will be more fun for you and you will have more energy!

By Mary Ellen Doukakis, Registered Dietitian

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