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Chocolate Protein Mugcake

Posted In: Nutrition By Dr. Lazarus

Christmas is right around the corner and unhealthy treats have been the star of the show at every holiday party and work event. Don’t let the season full of treats steer you away from your healthy eating plan! Below is a protein mug cake recipe that is sure to satisfy your sweet craving and even give you a boost of protein along with it! [Read more]

With the season changing from a warm fall to a cooler winter, our bodies may desire more comfort foods. This time of year we crave things like warm cakes, gravy’s, sauces, baked goods, buttery dishes and heavier caloric foods. In the Spring and Summer, lighter foods like salads and fruit may be more appealing. How HEALTHY can we be for the next two months? Here are some ideas to keep your weight in check during the colder months: [Read more]

Do you look at Thanksgiving with a combination of joyful expectancy and dread? Have past years of being uncomfortably full for hours diminished the meaning of this wonderful national holiday? Just a little rethinking and pre-planning can make a difference for you this year.   Here is a list of tips to keep you healthy […]