New mobie weight control app from the AMA

Posted: Feb 02 in Health And Wellness, Weight Management Strategies by

The American Medical Association “AMA Weigh What Matters” app is a great new tool provided for free! It makes it easy to work with your Physician or Registered Dietitian to establish weight, healthy eating, and physical activity goals, and track your progress toward achieving them. It also calculates your BMI score, and provides a mechanism to view progress reports and email them to your Doctor or RD.

The app is part of Weigh What Matters, a family obesity prevention program developed by the American Medical Association, which encourages patients to work with their physicians to maintain a healthy weight, eat better, and increase physical activity. Weigh What Matters is part of the AMA Healthier Life Steps™ initiative.

This app is available for the Apple iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch® on the AMA iTunes store, and for Android devices. The application provides for daily tracking- from the convenience of your cell phone. This can be a great tool for personal accountability, goal setting, and can help you stay on track with your goals.

And whether or not you have a smartphone, you can check out the website at: http://www.ama-assn.org/resources/weighwhatmatters/patients.html. There is a wealth of information on keeping you and your family healthy including an action plan for eating healthy, an action plan for physical activity, and tracking calendars.

Simply search for AMA Weigh What Matters in your app store and download for free!

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