Slip Into Healthy Summer Eating and Activity!

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Summer Weight Loss Tips

Now that we’re through our cold and frosty days (!), it’s time to look gratefully towards Summer! How does your wardrobe look for the months to come? Getting ready to take your bike in for its tune-up? Have the past few unpredictable weather weeks put the kabosh on your exercise program? Try a few new ideas as the weather gets warmer.

  • Summer and salads go together beautifully! Now is a great time to make salad your main meal! Try adding slivered almonds, chopped dried figs, a few slices of avocado, mandarin oranges, yellow bell peppers, shredded carrots, sliced beets and so on. For protein, consider some grilled chicken, cottage cheese, feta or chunks of grilled salmon. Have herbs in your garden? Toss on some dill, tarragon, basil or chives. Yum!! Although some salad dressings give you more calories than the salad itself, you don’t have to feel locked into a diet dressing you don’t enjoy. Instead, use a teaspoonful of your favorite dressing combined with white or dark balsamic vinegar, lemon juice or mustard.
  • Decorate with Fruit! Research shows (surprise!) that we eat what we see, so fill a bowl with fresh fruit, and keep it on your counter or your kitchen table. Put sliced veggies and hummus in the front of your fridge for easy access. Banish the bad stuff to the darkest part of you cabinet (or out of your home completely.)
  • How about homemade flavored beverages? In high, dry Denver and in the mountains we need to pay special attention to fluid intake, especially in warm weather. Try keeping a pitcher of iced water or herbal tea in your refrigerator. Sliced cucumbers, limes and other citrus make a lovely addition.
  • Lighten up your grilling habits! Try adding some colorful veggies to the chicken or fish you usually cook outside. This lighter fare won’t slow you down, and will provide lots of great nutrition for your outdoor activities! Happy, happy summer!




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