SPRING into Health

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Spring into HealthWith the beginning of Spring, now is the time to write down what motivates you and set healthy goals. This is key to either lose weight or maintain weight loss. Don’t miss this opportunity to start something for your health with this fresh new season. Some ideas may be:

  • Sign up for a walk, run, or bicycle ride and start training- Check websites like Active.com, as well as your local fitness centers and running stores for races and charity exercise events taking place locally
  • Make an appointment with yourself for the time you will train or exercise (like a Doctors appt.) and put it in your calendar so you remember to keep it!
  • Journal your exercise time, meal plan and water daily
  • Pre-Plan your meals to have food ready to prepare
  • Extra Water (for every 15 min. of exercise, add another 8 oz. cup of water – stay hydrated!)
  • New Spring clothes to feel comfortable and good while exercising
  • List of Staples that you like to keep on hand such as low-fat jerky, protein bars, smoothies, tuna, vegetables-cut and cleaned, low-fat string cheese-so you can grab and run if needed
  • Make a list of non-food fun ideas that you enjoy
  • Make time to take care of YOURSELF! Positive talk….YOU are the BEST!!!

Happy Spring! -By Mary Ellen Doukakis R.D.N.

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