Summer – what a great time to be cooking!

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It’s easy to eat healthfully in the summertime! Cooking outside is a wonderful seasonal treat. How to make it good for you?…think vegetables and fruits! Once a week make a trip to your local Farmer’s market (check the site, www.coloradofreshmarkets.com for the one closest to you). Click on “Markets” to find yours, then click on “Crop Calendar” to see what’s growing now! Remember that “squash” can mean many different varieties to try!

Almost any veggie can be grilled or roasted outdoors. Pack veggies into a foil pouch, spray with olive oil, add salt and pepper, fold it closed and let that amazing roasted flavor greet you! Onions, garlic, summer squashes, beans, even pea pods are wonderful this way. Tomatoes benefit from a quick grilling before slicing for a salad or a sandwich.. Fruits grill well, too! Peaches are fantastic! A grilling basket can be an asset during these hot months for smaller fruits and veggies. Don’t forget the Kabobs! Check out www.recipezaar.com for their Garlic and Lemon Grilled Vegetables. Happy Summer cooking!

-Tracy Boykin, RD

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