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We are excited to announce that we have upgraded our moving room.

Upgraded Moving RoomDid you know that we have set up a special room just for YOU to help you hit your step goal on the days we see you at the office?  We have moved our moving room to its own space.  Feel free to walk while we talk, ride while we talk, or sit if you get tired.

The room is equipped with a walking treadmill – this is a comfortable treadmill designed for slow paced walking.  These treadmills are most often used in the business environment to set up moving workstations.  There is also a workplace bike – again, this is designed for workplaces so employees can be active while working.  In between these, we have an adjustable height desk that we can use to review your food plan, make chart notes and access our electronic medical record.

So often we worry about doing more exercise. While there are numerous health benefits to exercising, there are also numerous health benefits to sitting less.  Oftentimes, the idea of sitting less is far less intimidating that the idea of exercising more.  Studies have shown that sitting less and being more active is one of the best tools to lose weight and keep it off.

So, what are you waiting for?  When you schedule your next office visit, just ask to see Dr. Lazarus, Heather, Mickey or your Registered Dietitian in the moving room.  See how your level of motivation improves when we walk while we talk instead of sitting.

We know that sitting less decreases the risk for heart disease.  So, if you see us in our moving room, you are helping us live longer too!

There is no extra fee for setting up your visit in the moving room.  Use is subject to availability.  We hope you will take advantage of this unique experience.  If you can walk during a visit at CNC, imagine all the other places in your life you might find to sit less…

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