Maximize your weight loss success in 2018 by committing to treatment

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Obesity medicine specialist Ethan Lazarus, MD.Believe it or not, it is officially 2018 and the start of a New Year. This is a great time to build on the successes of 2017.

Did you know that in 2017, CNC launched treatment plans designed to simplify and improve both your experience at CNC and your weight loss? On our treatment plans, we include office visits with your provider, your dietitian, and all recommended tests (blood tests, ekg, body composition, etc) for one simple fee. They are priced to save you about 10% compared to our a la carte fees. And, enjoy a simplified check-in and check-out process because no payments are required at the front desk after initiation. The following options are available to you now:

  • 20 Week Treatment Plan: This program is best for the individual desiring maximum results. It includes weekly visits for 20 weeks, one each month is with a provider, monthly blood testing and required electrocardiograms. This is a great way to go if you want to jump start your weight loss with an Optifast or Modified Fast.
  • 24 Week Transition: This program is best for the individual wanting great results, but unable to commit to weekly visits. It includes visits every other week with your dietitian, one every other month with your provider, and lab testing every other month.
  • 12 Month Maintenance Program: This program is best for individuals coming to CNC once per month. It includes monthly visits with your dietitian, every third month is with your provider, 1 comprehensive blood draw and an electrocardiogram.

We launched our treatment plans in January 2017, and our data demonstrates that they are highly effective. In fact, when comparing our patients from the first quarter of 2017, patients that began a treatment plan lost, on average, 15 more pounds than patients who did not in the first 6 months of treatment.* That’s a lot of extra weight loss!

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