Food to Boost Moods and Energy

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Food-to-Boost-EnergyWe all know that our diet can affect numerous aspects of our lives, especially during medical weight loss. But what we eat can also take a toll on our moods and energy levels. When it comes to weight loss, a positive, high-energy attitude is important to reaching your goals. Bad moods can lead to harmful eating habits that could hinder the progress you’ve already made. Knowing which foods can boost your moods is a good idea and can help you stay on track with a healthy diet and with your weight loss goals.

Foods that Will Enhance Your Mood and Boost Energy Levels

  • Smart Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide your body with energy and produce higher levels of serotonin which leaves you feeling happier. However, you want to avoid simple carbohydrates like ones found in sweets or junk foods. Stick to whole grains.
  • Nuts like cashews, almonds and hazelnuts. These nuts are rich in protein and magnesium which plays a vital role in converting sugar into energy the body can use.
  • Brazil Nuts. These nuts provide the body with selenium which is a mineral that may be a natural mood booster.
  • Lean meats. Lean pork, chicken, beef and turkey boost dopamine levels in the brain which can leave you feeling more alert and focused. Meats also contain B-12, a vitamin that is known to help with depression and insomnia.
  • Salmon. Salmon is rich in Omega-3, a fatty acid that may be helpful in fighting of depression.
  • Leafy greens. In addition to boosting energy levels, greens have also been shown to fight depression.
  • Fiber. Fiber keeps your energy levels steady throughout the day and an important part of any diet.

Just remember that what you put into your body is what you will get out of it. If you fill your diet with empty calories and junk foods, you will most likely feel sluggish and unmotivated. By pumping your body full of healthy, nutritious alternatives, you will feel energized and refreshed. This can lead to positive moods and overall wellness.

Even though these foods offer healthy options, you will still want to make sure that they are appropriate for your weight loss plan and keep a close watch on your portion sizes so that you won’t derail any progress you’ve already made by overeating. Make sure that during your medical weight loss you are staying positive and keeping up with healthy habits that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

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